Dienstag, 28. August 2012

few months ago i solved a problem i had, i wanted to get a point intersection on a line, by using a radians calculation. could be thats a bit more performance eating, than this procedere from below.
so i figured a different way out.

//maya mel
//dirkscher lineINTERSECTION check


vector $pnt0 = `getAttr pCube1.translate`;
vector $pnt1 = `getAttr pCube2.translate`;

vector $vecLINE = $pnt0 - $pnt1;
vector $vec2WORLD = <<0,1,0>>;


vector $pnt2 = `getAttr pCube3.translate`;

vector $vecPNT =  $pnt0 - $pnt2;

vector $normal1 = cross($vecPNT ,$vec2WORLD);
float $normal1X = $normal1.x;
float $normal1Y = $normal1.y;
float $normal1Z = $normal1.z;

vector $difference = dot($normal1,$vecLINE);

Freitag, 3. August 2012

currently id to check out a new piece to the track.so i added the fasangasse. if you start on the top of the fasangasse, you have a pretty nice long and smooth ride to the donauinsel. the asphalt on the fasangasse is pretty nice all walkways have a smooth entrance ramp, so just perfect for nice jewy rolls. i would suggest to ride the walkways in the early morning or in the evening, so on that way you got nobody in your way and you can fully enjoy the way. ~highest speed is about 30 kmh, so you got some nice smooth relaxing parts and some with a bit of smooth speed.