Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

wow they are quick!!! wow

so much better news,  my webspace is back online! thanks to world4you for that quick step!!! :D
good news! i get my old webspace back with friday! thanks to alexander jandl, who gave me some space, while i my page was closed due the fact i havnt payed the bills for my space. and either  thanks to world4you, which havnt deleted my space while i was out of money. (i hope they will forgive me) :)

so with friday you will able to visit and watch the developing process on : (its like a spaceship and even more...)

a other thing i plan, is do seperate the code again, do create a nice 2d framework for peoples which wants to creates 2d games on webgl.

the frame work will include:
- input devices (such as keyboard, mouse, and soon the micrisifti kinect (soon? depends how motivated i am))
- sound
- game mathematics
- basic shaders (blinn - which includes: bumpmapping, specular, glow effects, trail effects, and so on...)
- particles

Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

the most strangest effect in life - each day, my life and minds change. i dont have a clear focus on things, of course i do have a basic line which i follow - called ethic, but most of the pictures i do have in mind are able to change.

i dont have an idea how my life will end, neither where my life will lead me too. few minutes ago i got motivated to start with a new project.

of course i will finish this project, i sweard me that. a friend of mine said once "if you start with something, you need to finish it, there is nothing more worst than to have unready things" and if im watching all the things i started as a private project, ended till know unready. of course i cant use the word ended, they arnt ended or finished (would be paradox, unready ended), neither i have a clear idea about the word ended or finished. but i know what he means.

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

im wondering how the ape will come out of this shit, i mean self produced shit? i think there is no exit!

me while coding... :D

the first restructuring was successful. :)
uahhhh, isnt it, bug fixing could get that worst and there tons of bugs to fix.

- enemy leader guard amount
- modifying the bullet process
- ...

anyway, most of the bugs could wait to be fixed. im not sure on what point im focusing with today. probably the enemy respawning process should be done on a rudimentary way for the moment. which in includes parts of the AI.

either i should work out how to separate the code. i red about ajax requests,which should allows me to separate the code. maybe that point should get the highest priority. its a pita to work on a codes which gets 1000th of lines in size.  but it could be good for the middle finger muscularity LOL (which get trained by using the mouse wheel to reach the target line in code)

yeah i think im going to work this out, that makes most of the sense to me at the moment. i dont see much of sense if im getting a well trained middle one. i could end with an double sized middle finger, which could remind peoples on those athlets in some astrix comix. the guys with this huge right arm, which is perfect for the sport he is doing  (javelin throw). and as long im not that into physical sports, i dont see a point for having a huge middle finger. neither i know a sport where a huge middle finger is in need.

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

wft the world is filled with idiots. but anyhow, ok indeed i got lazy a bit in the last days and i do know i should work on my game. but really if the idiotsfuck is hunting you, where should i do find a free mind for? LOL just kidding, a idiot couldnt reach what a idiot want (to bring other into the similar state like they are -> nonsense . nonproductive apes, means they are absolutly meansless typs of peoples which doing nothing for their own improvement of minds ideas and life)

so this was my first entrie about the game im working on. 

i do think apes needs to be in a cage and not disturbing peoples!!! who ever this hunting ape is, its of course a idiot and nobody could save its ass! lol

but in the end, its quite well, i do need impressions about the intellect of my opponents. so the entire AI will be structured onto the intellect level and strategies of those hunting apes. of course the word ape is just used in a metaphor way and has nothing to do with this sweet and smooth animals on this planet. 

so what do i got in the meantime about those apes:

- apes are in need of groups, to reach in mass a more destructive behaviour
- hunting apes cant reflect if they taking action their own behaviours
- hunting apes are in need of a root ape

finally it was a partiell productive day. :D