Freitag, 30. November 2012

so currently i started to finialize the base texture of the socket.

this represents not the ingame graphics!! there arnt shadows, ao, specular- and normalmap assigned!!!

(i wont be able in the next few weeks to work alot on this projekt. till now i spended between 1 and 3 hour each into. this will be reduced to 30 minutes. i will try to spend a bit more time into this weekend - so hopefully i can finish the knot segment, before im running out of time)

stay tuned...


Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

here you can observe how one cluster of an level works.


im saying only 2% or less of all human will be able to solve my labyrinth!


and this 2% will be my missionaries, to tell the rest of the world what they have seen there...

here the height about one level and one column of an nine cell raster.
(sorry in the screenshot from above is an alternative wall used...) 

here a different possibility to format the level. its possible to get rid of one knot segment. on this way im reaching a enormous deep in view. so i can variate between both colum sytles.

two level columns (of an cluster of nine) together:

stay tuned...
so i quickly finished the outside wall of the knot segment.


um im vorfeld aufklärend zu wirken. im falle es sollte sich jemand bzgl der rost spuren gedanken machen, die hab ich mir auch.

ich finds so unglaublich interessant wieviel ich allein durch die verunstaltung von beton über das leben lernen konnte.

höchst interessant sind die kristallisierungen - in junger rohen form meist durch weisze bereiche, die sich flechten ähnlich über den beton ziehen. nach längerer verrottung, in kombination mit wasser und bakterien bildet sich hieraus eine kruste, die vielleicht an den urschlaaz, dem wir alle entspringen erinnern könnte. natürlich ist nur der kristallisierung prozess interessant. allerdings stellte ich mir danach die frage der amino säuren und generell die frage der entstehung einer säure. könnte es sein, dass genau dieser kristallisierung prozess der in doch - da er sehr einfachem wesen ist und somit überall zu finden wäre - in kombination mit äusseren einflüssen wie etwa temperatur und druck (wobei meist zusammen hängend) zu säure bildung prozessen beitrug. ein kristallisierung prozess könnte man generell als eine art extraktion prozess ansehen und wenn nun die urinformation der kristallierung eine basis des lebens darstellt (fraglich), wäre das leben ansich einem extraktions mechanismus zu grundeliegend.

und was denkt ihr was ist wohl am mars gefunden worden:

viele spekulieren primitives leben.
ich rat mal: flüssiges wasser, ein paar tropfen.

stay tuned...

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

soon should be the knot piece be done. some textures will be improved and some parts will be changed. but in overall, for this quick project it turns out quiet nicly.

i hope you like that.

of course this labyrinth doesnt looks glamorous, it shouldnt be. it should look dirty dark and not like the building master spended ages into. like the most secrete chambers is this dark and rotten. but of course not to scare people of, its exactly the right mixture -  i think i will get it ;-)

stay tuned..

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

and that how i designed the labyrinth.

here one level. displayed from both side (front persp, side persp)

and here the entire tower :-)

stay tuned
only monkies are laughing...

before you get my spaceships to see, you have to solve my labyrinth.

it got over 1 mio steps, thats way above > 28765440 cm and > 287 km
the tower got an size about 10 km. you got an leech wich is about ~ 100 meter long. you can highlight the level and seperate them to get an better overview.

you can stich post it papers onto the wall as reminder or to communicate with others.
you dont want be able to see other player, the only way to crossfire with them is through those post it papers.
there will be no sound effect in this game, your focus should be on solving stage wise this, giant labyrinth.

this tower is fucking huge :-)
and it will take ages, maybe your entire life time to solve this labyrinth.

last but not least, when you finshed the labyrinth, you find on the top a paraglider. so you got two goodies, the spaceships and a long flight with the paraglider.


stay tuned..

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

watch this, look while you watch this for about 5 - 10 minutes, sometime through the monitor.

and think on 3 letters, the G, the O and the D. dont order them let them like they. dont try to find the first letter. just watch the shader i wrote and think on the letters G - O and D.

some trance music could bring better results.

i hope you will enjoy that, its perfect for relaxing after a hard day. :-)

stay tuned...

Montag, 19. November 2012

maybe this could be a nice time killer, for chilled evenings. ;-)

hopefully they can turn that nice out. to drive the rover like an arcade game is ok, but maybe it would be cooler if its closer to the reality... anyway. i think thats an nice project.
im quiet happy with my texture test. of course the final ones will looks better. i only experimented a bit on them.

currently im thinking about the base normal map, which isnt displayed here btw. (ram size related. ´need to split something into smaller pieces), how to blend the painted (above very rushed one) and the highres normalmap.

i want of course some of those highly sharp edges , like in the high res model is. so now im thinking about the shader. and one thing i want to be aware of, none of those maps should dominate or just blend 50:50 together. so will set them 3 map in relations to each other. like the color map influence the painted- and the high res normalmap. like the normal to each other. of course the color map get just by the fact of lit changed by its values.

yes it comes so along how i do imagin it.

something in personal reflecting about reaction:
its quiet strange, i never could work for someone and bringing the quality like when im doing things for myself. it seems money, social respect and stuff arnt that much important at me.

so i can only work for myself, and i can hope that someone is going to love the project im doing. and i can sell my things. i hope this way will work.

stay tuned...

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

a quick retopo and texture test...

if i would do a master of art work - i would use this entire experiment for.

so today was an pretty smooth day!!! i hope you love i like it - how this piece is turning out.

stay tuned...