Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

before im starting with the player collision reaction. i had to build in a mouse 3D space interaction, which will be used for sticking some "post it´s" onto the wall.
its not accurate at the moment, but it starts working.

afterwards, ive to find an working solution to put there tousands of post its into. im thinking on baking those post its together into some textures.

stay tuned...

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

good news: perhaps im able to continue to work on the labyrinth with tomorrow. in the wirst case, hopefully not, with the end of this year. but wait, there was something planned, a rocket needs to be build ;-). so, in the absolut worst case i wont be able to work on - missing hands could blockade this process. of course not, we are only going to tweak some rockets. (ehmm. dont do this. it could be very dangerous)

i will upload some pictures about our firework. :D the last time, i had the chance to observe our rocket by laying on the floor. rofl

but the challenge is a bit more sophisticated, the goal is the outer space. by using noneliquid fuel.something like booster rockets.

but as you can imagin this project will be very expensive and either there arnt much of countries where something like this is "allowed" - or where the goverment dont watch that close.

so two things are missing: money and the right country. both things will come.

stay tuned...

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

is a collision all the time the same? of course not. as next im going to implement, pointing onto my collision eyes 2x2 per depth map, an more natural collision behavior. try to imagin, if you going to collide (dont try that) side wise with an wall, you not only slide on this wall (depends on your and the friction of the colliding moment) and you dont stop just in one tick. of course your body starts to interact with the colliding moment. in this case if you collide sidewise with an body, you going to turn over this colliding center.

this update will follow soon, first ive to finish a other project im working on. (to fill my fridge)

stay tuned...

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

a horrible day. but finally i got the floor collision working. first i wasnt able to rotate an cube (i received some transformation matrices from a different object) afterwards the day was over...

of course that not the final collision system either not the final first person camera. but im quiet happy, im way infront of my time plan. although im more than gaga yet. ;-)

stay tuned..

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

i got an really long one! ;-)
while im working parallel on an quiet nice video project. im doing some work for this project, like i said, too. today, i implemented a "first person" camera. its still quiet rough. but in combination with my depth map based collision system (either in a highly rough state) you will be able, by using wsad and the mouse to walk through an test environment.

my time plan will allows maybe, that im going to tomorrow or the day after, to build in the possibility to change height level. like stairs, ramps any object which interacts with the user..  which will be important at my labyrinth...

so here the first person camera and depth map based collision observing:

and as every early and rough version. got this either some bug. it could happen, that one of thos wall leaks a bit and lets you through ;-)

stay tuned...

Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

im not going to say to wall up, between 2.2.2013 - 11.11.2013 the entrances to some free mansons club rooms. and neither im going to inspirate someone or to say to someone, sculp some bottoms out of them tiny cubes above those entrances. and i will stay away appart to say, last but not least hang a plumb onto the top of those walls.

and im not gonig to say, its maybe in need to build up a serious brother and sister hood ;-)

as everything is such an experiment. is this of course one too.

and i will not give that the name: duererserben.


thats not a usefull link:

streetart rocks ;-)

and im not going to say, who is doing the greatest bottom is winning this

and im way off saying, upload photos about those bottoms here.

ATTENTION everyone:
you are able to upload picture in my blog.

so the collision system works quiet nicly. now ive to implement the similar procedere for the 5 other direction, like back, right,left,top, bottom.

dont feed the Lake (fake)

please take your time, it could happen that it needs a couple of seconds to decode the texture on your videocard. im using in the meantime highly compressed jpg texture, thats why you can see lot of jpg artefacts.

stay tuned...
so currently i took control about the depth map based collision (hardware based) system. it works in general. of course thats an early release. so some things needs to be fixed. but in overall this way will lead to sucess. :D

stay tuned...

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

today i did some coding work:

- rudimentary first person camera
- lsd profile node
- and some little improvements

move the camera by using W,S,A,D and your mouse. (this camera isnt ready yet, i wasnt spending much time into)

stay tuned..

Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

2013 is such an un luky number. so sorry
next year we (ementaler) will bring the level of our products onto an unreach able height for the homo sapiens sapiens. and the modern ape have to accept their existence.

sorry monkies, but weakies you neither fit to the dirt below my fingernails.

and monkies i really hate this what i have to do now. (just to let you know) i really hate to hurt something, but it needs to be done. look if you are infront of an bomb which could kill myriads of peoples and you would be able to stop this bomb, im sure you would react similar.

its so freaky if you watch the homo sapiens sapiens at the moment. how they try to group themself to reach an better defense rofl

trust me, forget it ;-)

apes support apes. a old working system for the homo sapiens sapiens.

maybe there is a end with this year. the end of the fools. really, its a milchmädchen calculation, why they start to disappear with this year.

the best thing, was to bring all those apes into one huge community. that was for sure the most important step in the past. only on this way we are able to get them all ;-)

yahoo, microsoft, apple, its just something personal. rofl

you guys dont fit to my world, thats why you really have to disappear. (forever)
really let higher developed peoples living peace, please primitive homo sapiens sapiens your work is done, we (ementaler) dont have any nature enemies anymore. so you are ready to disappear.

thank you for your work, specially thanks about this neandertaler thing. but now we ementaler, which was living undercover at you have to take the planet into our hands.

the difference between the homo sapiens sapiens is, while the homo sapiens sapiens have to practice hard to get things working, is the ementaler just doing things mostly without practicing but at reaching the same result.
i know homo sapien sapiens our game was highly unfair, but what should we do if we are just in all way been better than you?! and it was you, the one who tried to fuck everything, not we (gods, in your focus of things).

bye bye homo api sapiens sapiens. sorry you was just to close to brutal animals and neither you dont got our running joke, about this "killer instinct" rofl you idiot was either proud about rofl. i will now explain this joke abit for you. it was a metapher for prehistoric lifeforms, we never thought you take this as serious as you had but you did rofl HUGA then...


Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

and how funny they are (managers at yahoo, microsoft, apple and co. or some rich weak heads) they really think they still controlling anything. rofl

YOU FREAKS CONTROL NOTHING!!! ROFL this time is since years over, and now its a question of your intellect to get that or to still believe into something which are gone.

accept it as jörg haider did, its over!

if someone trys to fuck you, fuck them back on the same way, anyway who this person is.
only hypothetic and used as an creative story.

if you want to fuck hollywood, fuck their movies. i would make little errors into their movies. errors and expandings which arnt appearing that fast and i would upload them into an file sharing plattform. 

of course i would never do something like this. and neither it should be done. so i need to say, no dont do this ;-)

here is your pumpgun: crowd funding 

here are your bullets: LSD,BLENDER,GIMP and your own developed ones

here are the targets:



i wish a happy ZOMBIE shooting :-)
if you watch the movie tron, the first part. there is this moment a short time before flynn troughs his disk into the mcps heart, that the mcp spends his entire energy into sarg. but as wrong a movie can be, sarg got now the size of a thumb. means everything which jarg can do, can be done by kids in their garage. and actually this fact, is the reason why we dont have to support something such meanless like huge companies are. you can for sure imagin how many money in huge companies get flammed for nothing. im sayin 70% of microsoft, yahoo, apple, google is only getting paid that in the abstracted sense only that peoples get toilete paper on the toilete. if the poo is their product ;-) means lawyers, buisness angels, 90% of all managers. thats an huge amount of money and now try to imagin who have to pay for that ;-) YOU!

only by this reaction in mexico, of course i dont know lot about. but anyway, only if im watching this, im wondering about lot of different countries, called western countries, how primitive here tribunals could react. example if you watch all this freaky shit what apple is doing with their patent actings and some tribunal gave them right or accept things, which are absolutly idiotic to patent, from apple. i would say, we have  here to face highly primitive laws. ok if im trying to abstract my view a bit, it could be that those laws only try to save some economy supporters from their country. and as we know, america is such way back in philosophie of economy, like an the moon in size to the sun. of course america is still on this prehistoric track and not a long time ago they made an new mistake called facebook. and this reaction made america absolutly unserious in the economy view. i think facebook was the last mistake we (humans) made in economy. the mistake isnt facebook, the mistake is to build an dominating block. which become, by its nature no able to control.

im saying in computer we would be 10 years or more infront, when we never had this blocking unflexible companies in the economy, called microsoft, apple, google, yahoo and so on. those companies makes all processes such slow, disturbing innovations and at one base motivation is - the economical disharmony. those are the 3 columns on what this companies are builded on and why they could work. there is a saying in english -> SHIT FLOATS

its higly important to follow in the next year, the serious changed idea about the ecomony. the economy learned in the past about their mistakes. in the meantime the economy realized, its more healthy for the economy to have tons of small and medium size companies instead of huge instances of nonsense (like yahoo, microsoft, apple and so on)

please support this way of the economy, they learned about the mistakes, now its up to us to trust in and to follow some ideas. and not the ideas of the zombies (yahoo, microsoft, apple and so on...)

its highly important for the economy to break all this shit. in the meantime the big shit player lost everything on influence they had. they neither can buy the tribunals in mexico anymore ;-)
they are absolutly done and surrounds us like zombies.

never deal with undeads or you will become one too. ;-) thats how the things works.

take this as analogy why the economy had to change. the dino died by the fact of their size, only small and flexible animals was able to alive what ever happend there in the past.
zu einem reeleren untergang:

der schlüssel zum faschismus findet sich in der monarchie.
der schlüssel zum affenwesen findet sich im faschismus.

the "moses" project will be freezed for about 2 - 3 weeks.

updates soon.

~ timeplan:
with end of jan should the graphical content be ready.
with end of april or may should the programming part be ready. maybe a bit earlier.
- collision system (depthmap based)
- lod system
- texture baker
- network
- performance tweaking

this project look way more huge than it is. and thats the good or god thing ;-)

stay tuned...
dieses thema scheint ein paar leute mich inklusive zu interessieren -> DER WELTUNTERGANG ;-)

es gibt einfach unmengen an szenarien, dieses scheint mir aufgrund des roland emmerich films 2012 das am meist gefürchtetste.

sonnenwinde die unsere atmosphäre verblasen. da anscheinend - wie wir wissen, das erdmagnetfeld unsere atmosphäre schützt - die erde abkühlt und auch dadurch das erd magnetfeld verlieren wird, wird unser planet der sonne machtlos ausgeliefert sein. natürlich wird zu diesem zeitpunkt schon kein höheres lebewesen auf diesem planeten existent sein.

auch beim polsprung (ein paar hunderte/tausende jahre lang) wird das erdmagnet feld nicht oder kaum existent sein.

ja der welt untergang kommt, nur halt wahrscheinlich nicht in diesem monat.

link: der bevorstehende untergang ;-)

zu diesem thema "untergang der welt". frisst mich eine frage, wenn nun in der psychologie davon ausgegangen wird, dass ein fiktiver suizid einem vollendeten suizid gleich zu setzten ist. was bedeutet nun das phänomen, dass die menschheit grösztenteils einem untergang entgegen jubbelt? mich würde interessieren was die psychologie zu diesem thema sagt. grundsätzlich ist die aussage jene. die gesellschaft scheint nach einer tötung der kultur sich zu sehnen. könnte heissen der mensch ist mit seinem daseins nicht einverstanden.

der mensch scheint inkl mir. höchst "be pissed" zu sein. woher das nur kommt?

ehrlich, ich würde nicht, auf die pseudo elite vertraun! die ist zwar gut, zum herzeigen in der peepshow. allerdings, kann man von denen nichts erwarten.
back to the early days!

not many of you will remember on the campaign "blue ribbon". its founded in the early days of the internet. when i was a teenager between 1993 - 1996 the internet was flooded with those banners.  and its on the time to bring this banner back and expand maybe , the in the meantime a bit in need of an overwork, campaign.

reactivate this campaign. stich, like in the old days, this banner onto your webpages and help to save the internet!

further informations:

Freitag, 30. November 2012

so currently i started to finialize the base texture of the socket.

this represents not the ingame graphics!! there arnt shadows, ao, specular- and normalmap assigned!!!

(i wont be able in the next few weeks to work alot on this projekt. till now i spended between 1 and 3 hour each into. this will be reduced to 30 minutes. i will try to spend a bit more time into this weekend - so hopefully i can finish the knot segment, before im running out of time)

stay tuned...


Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

here you can observe how one cluster of an level works.


im saying only 2% or less of all human will be able to solve my labyrinth!


and this 2% will be my missionaries, to tell the rest of the world what they have seen there...

here the height about one level and one column of an nine cell raster.
(sorry in the screenshot from above is an alternative wall used...) 

here a different possibility to format the level. its possible to get rid of one knot segment. on this way im reaching a enormous deep in view. so i can variate between both colum sytles.

two level columns (of an cluster of nine) together:

stay tuned...
so i quickly finished the outside wall of the knot segment.


um im vorfeld aufklärend zu wirken. im falle es sollte sich jemand bzgl der rost spuren gedanken machen, die hab ich mir auch.

ich finds so unglaublich interessant wieviel ich allein durch die verunstaltung von beton über das leben lernen konnte.

höchst interessant sind die kristallisierungen - in junger rohen form meist durch weisze bereiche, die sich flechten ähnlich über den beton ziehen. nach längerer verrottung, in kombination mit wasser und bakterien bildet sich hieraus eine kruste, die vielleicht an den urschlaaz, dem wir alle entspringen erinnern könnte. natürlich ist nur der kristallisierung prozess interessant. allerdings stellte ich mir danach die frage der amino säuren und generell die frage der entstehung einer säure. könnte es sein, dass genau dieser kristallisierung prozess der in doch - da er sehr einfachem wesen ist und somit überall zu finden wäre - in kombination mit äusseren einflüssen wie etwa temperatur und druck (wobei meist zusammen hängend) zu säure bildung prozessen beitrug. ein kristallisierung prozess könnte man generell als eine art extraktion prozess ansehen und wenn nun die urinformation der kristallierung eine basis des lebens darstellt (fraglich), wäre das leben ansich einem extraktions mechanismus zu grundeliegend.

und was denkt ihr was ist wohl am mars gefunden worden:

viele spekulieren primitives leben.
ich rat mal: flüssiges wasser, ein paar tropfen.

stay tuned...

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

soon should be the knot piece be done. some textures will be improved and some parts will be changed. but in overall, for this quick project it turns out quiet nicly.

i hope you like that.

of course this labyrinth doesnt looks glamorous, it shouldnt be. it should look dirty dark and not like the building master spended ages into. like the most secrete chambers is this dark and rotten. but of course not to scare people of, its exactly the right mixture -  i think i will get it ;-)

stay tuned..

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

and that how i designed the labyrinth.

here one level. displayed from both side (front persp, side persp)

and here the entire tower :-)

stay tuned
only monkies are laughing...

before you get my spaceships to see, you have to solve my labyrinth.

it got over 1 mio steps, thats way above > 28765440 cm and > 287 km
the tower got an size about 10 km. you got an leech wich is about ~ 100 meter long. you can highlight the level and seperate them to get an better overview.

you can stich post it papers onto the wall as reminder or to communicate with others.
you dont want be able to see other player, the only way to crossfire with them is through those post it papers.
there will be no sound effect in this game, your focus should be on solving stage wise this, giant labyrinth.

this tower is fucking huge :-)
and it will take ages, maybe your entire life time to solve this labyrinth.

last but not least, when you finshed the labyrinth, you find on the top a paraglider. so you got two goodies, the spaceships and a long flight with the paraglider.


stay tuned..

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

watch this, look while you watch this for about 5 - 10 minutes, sometime through the monitor.

and think on 3 letters, the G, the O and the D. dont order them let them like they. dont try to find the first letter. just watch the shader i wrote and think on the letters G - O and D.

some trance music could bring better results.

i hope you will enjoy that, its perfect for relaxing after a hard day. :-)

stay tuned...

Montag, 19. November 2012

maybe this could be a nice time killer, for chilled evenings. ;-)

hopefully they can turn that nice out. to drive the rover like an arcade game is ok, but maybe it would be cooler if its closer to the reality... anyway. i think thats an nice project.
im quiet happy with my texture test. of course the final ones will looks better. i only experimented a bit on them.

currently im thinking about the base normal map, which isnt displayed here btw. (ram size related. ´need to split something into smaller pieces), how to blend the painted (above very rushed one) and the highres normalmap.

i want of course some of those highly sharp edges , like in the high res model is. so now im thinking about the shader. and one thing i want to be aware of, none of those maps should dominate or just blend 50:50 together. so will set them 3 map in relations to each other. like the color map influence the painted- and the high res normalmap. like the normal to each other. of course the color map get just by the fact of lit changed by its values.

yes it comes so along how i do imagin it.

something in personal reflecting about reaction:
its quiet strange, i never could work for someone and bringing the quality like when im doing things for myself. it seems money, social respect and stuff arnt that much important at me.

so i can only work for myself, and i can hope that someone is going to love the project im doing. and i can sell my things. i hope this way will work.

stay tuned...