Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

die frage ist -> wird die zahl so bleiben und wachsen oder wird sie auf die prophezeiten 50 frauen und männer sinken?

thats why i have to call super john. to save the earth!

he got what its takes! thats true! sounds funny? its more less than you think!
and more.....

try to play economy - he will tell you how it works! im sure he got alot to tell about alot.

honestly sometimes i do believe i am in need of cruise missiles. (i made a social year instead of army! means i got a different view on weapons like the most of you.)

if ive to own oneday some of them, i swear i do paint smilies with a flower on their noses! some of them have played allready "she loves me she loves me not" :-) and their leaves (if only one) will wave in the turbulences of ether of moment.

im not kidding, i really get sometimes those impressions about the need of cruise missiles! mostly without smilies!

or what would you think if you going to watch in a documentary about the current german army ,something where you start to think, was they showing that they pointed a rocket on you?

i do think ive also a lot to tell about liberty.

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