Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016

its not about cash. if so, it would look differently.

its only about a joke!

actually its wrong to say: money is the reason why everything crashed. in case every thing would turn around money im sure that we havnt got a crises through.

many is a tool and sadly used bye peoples to joke with. if there wouldnt be money there would be something else to joke.

and the reason why a joke could work in such dimensions, is based on chauvinism and fashism.

if you going to watch that joke as a column. the chauvinism displayed the socket, the fashism the column and the joke the capitel. was this building build to crash > of course! will it crashed even harder > of course. will it end the human kind > possible.

im sure watergate was the reason why peoples supported gates. and ga-tes is leeched since this time to this joke. and react in the interest of this joke.

thats how it works, its a very funny round up there. ;-) and they wont stop joking till everything got vaporized.

the search for the real ones, is for sure either a joke of them. sometimes i also can laugh about this. pronouced sometimes. depends, sometimes more often then before.

ok this with the real ones is funny. but not ok!

they only joke in this size of the happening consequenzes.

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